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  Today:     |   Funky Sunky program presented by DJ Alexander Osadchy  |   Zig Zag: eclectic  | Presents: DJ Sapunov  |   ChinaTown  |   7pm-midnight. Martin Landers: ambient chillout  |   Based on the story of children's author J.M. Barrie, Johnny Depp plays a struggling writer who befriends a widowed mother and her four children, a relationship which inspires him to write the play Peter Pan.  |   This film adapts the second novel in Boris Akunin's trilogy, centering on espionage and romantic intrigue during the 1877 Russo-Turkish war.  |   Animated adventure about a superhero family that retires to the suburbs only to be called back into action for a high-profile assignment.  |   An archeologist (Nicholas Cage) embarks on a personal mission to recover a fortune hidden by George Washington.  |   The screen adaptation of Patrick Marber's acclaimed play about two couples whose lives are complicated when the man in one relationship (Jude Law) becomes involved with the woman in the other (Julia Roberts).  |   Horror flick about a young girl (Dakota Fanning) who creates an imaginary friend after the unexpected death of her mother.  |   Comedy about a Mexican housekeeper who moves her daughter to Los Angeles, where they live with a wealthy though dysfunctional couple (Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni).  |  

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2. Striptease pioneer
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4. Give It to Me, Baby
5. Sweet & Sexy Valentines
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9. Milk & Honey
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GO! Issue 13:
February 10 - March 3, 2005


Bored? Snowboard!
The annual Nescafe Chistaya Energiya winter sports festival is back, running until the end of the month at Krylatsky Hills in the city’s north.

Sweet & Sexy Valentines
Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift to really express your feelings? Fauchon has prepared a special range of offerings with this date in mind.

Chill Out
What do you do when you have six outdoor tennis courts and the temperature is well below zero? Turn it all into an ice-skating rink, of course.

Trunk Call
If you think pony rides are passe, something a bit more exotic has just appeared in Moscow. 32 Maya is now offering Bactrian camel rides.

Epic Journey
As part of the epic Expeditsiya-Trophy auto race competition, stretching across the length of Russia from Murmansk to Vladivostok, organizers are planning an accompanying support train — the Orange Dream Train.

Night Life Awards Retrospective
The seventh annual Night Life Awards are coming up on Feb. 27, when the clubbing industry gathers at Desyat Dyuimov (aka The Warehouse) to reward its best and brightest players for 2004.


Dancing Decade
A look back over the past 10 years in Moscow clubbing history, from the dawn of Russian rave culture to the new rave wave, via the crisis and the advent of face control.


Karetny Ryad-Petrovka

   Drinking & Dancing

For cocktail-cravers left out in the cold by Vision’s extended blackout, help is at hand — literally. The Help cocktail bar has come to the rescue, replacing the long-expired Bar Code at the Belorusskaya end of Tverskaya Ulitsa.

Penthouse No. 1
Penthouse No. 1 — one of the original pioneers of the local club scene — is back with a vengeance, bigger than ever.

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Today's Gigs
Funky Sunky program presented by DJ Alexander Osadchy
Zig Zag: eclectic Presents: DJ Sapunov
7pm-midnight. Martin Landers: ambient chillout

Today's Films
American Cinema:
Finding Neverland
American Cinema:
Turetsky Gambit
Kinoteatr Pod Kupolom:
The Incredibles
Kinoteatr Pod Kupolom:
National Treasure
Kinoteatr Pod Kupolom:
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