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Sport & Recreation

Body by Pilates
By Kimberly O’Haver
Issue 7
June 10 - July 8, 2004

Courtesy Of World Class
Pilates class: the reformer
Swimsuit season is upon us and the beach resorts are beckoning. But after trading layers of winter clothes for a bikini, some beachgoers may discover that their swimsuit is two sizes too small.

To tone up and trim down, the Pilates method may be the key to shedding that unwanted layer of winter fat.

Yet the benefits of Pilates extend beyond weight loss, and the method is often recommended by doctors and physical therapists for treating back pain, developing flexibility and improving coordination as well as increasing the circulation of synovial fluid in the joints — thus helping safeguard the body against arthritis. But what is the Pilates method?

The Pilates method, which is often referred to as “the hottest trend in fitness,” has actually been around for 90 years. However, it only arrived in Moscow in 2001, as part of that year’s International World Class Fitness Conference, said Maria Ishiyeva, World Class gym’s press secretary. For a while, the Pilates method was only offered at World Class gyms. Now, however, basic Pilates mat classes can be found all over the city.

Courtesy Of World Class
Stretch and tone: mat class
Developed by German-born Joseph Pilates in the early part of the 20th century, the method works to flatten the belly, shrink the waistline and lengthen compressed spines by strengthening core muscles.

What are the core muscles? They are the stabilizing muscles deeply buried under or behind surface muscles. Surface muscles tend to be overworked since our bodies tend to rely on these muscles for everyday movement. Bad habits and even traditional exercise methods place unnecessary pressure on surface muscles while weakening the stabilizing muscles. For instance, actions such as sitting hunched behind a computer all day or lifting dumbbells incorrectly weaken the chest muscles and overstretch the muscles in the back.

Pilates works to remedy such imbalances and focuses on retraining the subconscious to transfer the effects of movement away from surface muscles to the body’s stabilizing muscles. The Pilates method involves a series of exercises that incorporate breathing with smooth, controlled movements. The mind-breath connection in Pilates is key to increasing the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Pilates resembles the more contemplative, Eastern forms of exercise by focusing on connecting mind and body through exercises with often funny-sounding names such as “the hundred,” “the corkscrew,” “the seal” and even “rolling like a ball.”

The basic Pilates workout involves a mat on the floor and nothing else. Students may progress to work on a special machine created by Pilates called the Reformer. Despite its name, the Reformer has nothing in common with a medieval torture device. Rather it is a system of springs, straps and a sliding seat that allows the student to work without putting unneeded pressure on the joints. Several gyms in Moscow offer the Reformer as part of their Pilates program.

Though Pilates is rather new to Moscow, the city has a slew of highly qualified instructors and an ever-increasing number of die-hard followers. The following fitness centers offer various Pilates setups:

Gold’s Gym
31 Leningradsky Prospekt (M. Dynamo)

Orange Fitness
4 Konny Per. (M. Oktyabrskaya)

Ozdorovitelny Kompleks na Kuznetskom
21 Ul. Kuznetsky Most (M. Kuznetsky Most)

Petrovka Sports
4 1st Kolobovsky Per. (M. Pushkinskaya)

62 Ul. Usachyova, Building 1 (M. Sportivnaya)

World Class Fitness Centers
4 Zhitnaya Ul., Building 2, (several locations) (M. Oktyabrskaya)
239-1994, 230-7052,

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19:00 - Martin Landers: ambient chillout
21:00 - Disco nightly, free entry. DJ Alex Sun.-Tue., DJ Suliko Wed. & Thu., DJ Kostya Kleshch Fri. & Sat
Russian Synthpop Concert: Last Page, Inner Conflict, Fashion Suicide
Gyndul Mystei
Children's party followed by DJ Alexander Osadchy with his Funky Sunky program


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