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Lady In The House
By Andrew Langley
Issue 4
March 4 - April 8, 2004

Courtesy Of Alison Marks
Dj:alison marks
Propaganda has been welcoming DJs from around the world for several years now, but Moscow clubbing history was made last July when 29-year-old British house star Alison Marks became the club’s Friday night resident and the first foreign DJ to host weekly parties in the capital.

Alison’s career took off after she won Muzik magazine’s Bedroom Bedlam DJ mix competition in 1996. She developed a reputation as one of the most hardworking and genuine DJs on the house circuit, and held residencies at Turnmills, The Laundry and Uridium in London. After being recommended by a friend from the Ministry of Sound, Alison played for the first time in Propaganda in 1998. She took a liking to the place, as did the club to her, and began flying over regularly to play at DJ Sanches’ Thursday night parties.

Catching up with Alison in Propaganda on one of her nights off, she described how her residency came about. “I was playing here every few months or so at the time, and I heard that they might offer me Friday nights. I thought it would be amazing, but I didn’t want to think about it too much in case it didn’t come off. I would have been gutted.” Luckily, an offer for the weekly slot was soon forthcoming.

Alison’s passion for the club is obvious: “I’ve always felt really comfortable here, like I could play what I wanted. If you’re enjoying yourself and you’re into it, the crowd seem to get into it. I don’t think I’ve seen any DJ not go down well in Propaganda. The crowd are so expressive and open-minded.”

Alison isn't really familiar with the Moscow club scene since she is too busy at Propaganda. She did venture out to Kult once and says, “It's good for a chilled relaxing night.” When at home in London, she goes to clubs more often. Keeping up with the international circuit, Alison travels to another country once a month. “I have one weekend off from Propaganda each month, and I usually go to another country then. March and April will be in America. May I will be playing in London, June — Spain, etc.”

Alison flies back to London every 10 days and there she keeps up with the international music scene by purchasing new music at her favorite music shops.

In addition to her sets at Propaganda, Alison is making the most of the chance to explore some of the farther reaches of Russia. Trips to places like Murmansk, Surgut and Petrozavodsk have left her with happy memories of packed dancefloors: “It’s always brilliant. Great fun. Again the crowds are amazing — they really feel music.”

Even a gruelling overnight train journey from Kharkov, Ukraine, didn’t seem to dampen her enthusiasm. In fact, quite the opposite: “Russian trains are my new thing. I’m going to use them everywhere I go. They’re like something from an Agatha Christie novel.”

Despite having played in some fascinating places — regular gigs in Eastern Europe, particularly the former Yugoslavia — Alison seems to be spending more and more time in Moscow.

The fact that she’s moved a significant portion of her production equipment here is a sign that she won’t be leaving just yet. “I suppose my most long-term goals are to finish a tune and write a good song, although my resolution from last year was to just think short-term. Otherwise, you stress yourself out.”

But while the production side is “going really well for the first time in five years,” it is clear that Propaganda will play a bigger role in keeping Alison in Moscow. “The atmosphere there is unbelievable, one of the best in the world. It’s without a doubt my favorite place to play.”

5 Yauzskaya Ul. (M. Kitai-Gorod / Taganskaya)
917-5706, Mon. & Tue. noon-midnight, Wed. noon-2am, Thu.-Sat. noon-6am, Sun. noon-midnight

7 Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Per. (M. Kitai-Gorod)
923-3494, noon-6am, Thu.-Sat. noon-7am

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