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  Today:     |   Komotsky: eclectic  |   DJ Partyphone  |   7pm-midnight. DJ Sergio Solo: atmospheric drum 'n' bass  |   Based on the story of children's author J.M. Barrie, Johnny Depp plays a struggling writer who befriends a widowed mother and her four children, a relationship which inspires him to write the play Peter Pan.  |   This film adapts the second novel in Boris Akunin's trilogy, centering on espionage and romantic intrigue during the 1877 Russo-Turkish war.  |   Animated adventure about a superhero family that retires to the suburbs only to be called back into action for a high-profile assignment.  |   An archeologist (Nicholas Cage) embarks on a personal mission to recover a fortune hidden by George Washington.  |   The screen adaptation of Patrick Marber's acclaimed play about two couples whose lives are complicated when the man in one relationship (Jude Law) becomes involved with the woman in the other (Julia Roberts).  |   Horror flick about a young girl (Dakota Fanning) who creates an imaginary friend after the unexpected death of her mother.  |   Comedy about a Mexican housekeeper who moves her daughter to Los Angeles, where they live with a wealthy though dysfunctional couple (Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni).  |  


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Night Life Awards Retrospective
Issue 13
February 10 - March 3, 2005

The seventh annual Night Life Awards are coming up on Feb. 27, when the clubbing industry gathers at Desyat Dyuimov (aka The Warehouse) to reward its best and brightest players for 2004. In the lead-up to this year’s event, take a look back at past years’ awards, from the first ceremony in 1999 through to last year’s extravaganza.

Awards for 1998

The first awards ceremony, in 1999, was a relatively modest affair, drawing 1,500 guests to the club Mirazh.

Best club-casino: Metelitsa

Best dance club: Propaganda

Best specialized club: Dolls

Best club promoter: Sinesha Lazarevich

Best club show: Halloween at Dom Uchyonikh

Best club artist: Shura

Club personality of the year: Andrei Bartenev

Awards for 1999

In 2000, the awards moved to the legendary club Titanik and nomination categories expanded. Guest numbers remained at about 1,500 people.


Opening of the year: Studio

Best club-casino: Metelitsa

Best specialized club: Dolls

Best St. Petersburg club: Club 69

Best club group: Otpetiye Moshenniki

Best club promoter: Garry Chaglasyan, Club XIII

Best club event: Halloween at Dom Uchyonykh

Best club show: Diva III Tango Strasti

Best clubbing business company: Media Star Concert

Best club alcoholic beverage: Hennessy cognac

Special nomination: Channel Muz-TV for the program Tele-Noch

Best dance club: Galereya

Grand Prix — Club of the year: Club XIII

Awards for 2000

The old Kauchuk Palace of Culture on Ulitsa Plyushchikha hosted some 2,000 guests in 2001.

Opening of the year: Zeppelin

Best dance club: Galereya

Best specialized club: Rasputin

Best club-restaurant: Museum

Best club group: Diskoteka Avaria

Best promoter: Garry Chaglasyan, Club XIII

Best club project of the year: Festival at Ibiza

Best sports-entertainment complex: Cosmic

Best club show: Fabrika Gryoz

Best DJ: DJ Shevtsov

Best coffeehouse of the year: Moskva-Berlin

Best St. Petersburg nightclub: Plaza

Best Nizhny Novgorod nightclub: Crazy Bison

Personality of the year: Ognyonnaya Ledi

First 24-hour television channel: Muz-TV

Special prize for contribution to Russian clubbing: Bogdan Titomir

Awards for 2001

In 2002, the awards moved to the Orlyonok concert hall and the crowd swelled to 3,000.

Opening of the year: Ministerstvo

Best dance club: Slava

Best sports-entertainment complex: Samolyot

Best club party: Halloween, Club XIII

Best erotic club: Rasputin

Best club project: Fort Dance by Zeppelin

Best St. Petersburg nightclub: Plaza

Best Riga nightclub: La Rocca

Best club DJ: DJ Fonar

Club personality of the year: Vlad Monro

Best club promoter of the year: Zeppelin promotion group’s Petrushin, Ashman and Tsvetkova

Special prize: 10th anniversary of Night Flight

Club of the year: Dzhusto

Awards for 2002

In 2003, Triumf hosted 2,500 glamorous guests to award 2002’s nightlife luminaries.

Opening of the year: Jet Set

Best dance club: Ministerstvo

Best club program: Zeppelin

Best club project: Sensation 7

Best club DJ: DJ List

Best music club: 16 Tons

Best promoter group: Alexei Goroby, Sinesha Lazarevich and Mikhail Kozlov of Shambala DJ Bar

Best erotic club: Rasputin

Club personality of the year: Nadya Skazka

Best club interior: Cocon

Best St. Petersburg nightclub: Decadance

Best contribution to Russian nightlife: Sergei Stegantsev

Club of the year: Shambala DJ Bar

Awards for 2003

The Night Life Awards in 2004 drew a crowd of 3,000 to the Desyat Dyuimov carting center.

Opening of the year: Zima

Best club-restaurant: First

Best dance club: Cabaret

Best after-party club: A Priori

Best club DJ: DJ Spyder

Best casino: Yevropa

Best club project: Sensation 7

Best music club: B2

Best club event: Fort Dance by Zeppelin

Best promoter: Garry Chaglasyan

Best erotic club: Krasnaya Shapochka

Club personality of the year: Ksenia Sobchak

Best St. Petersburg nightclub: Onegin

Club of the year: Shambala DJ Bar

To find out more, see

27 Ul. Petrovka (M. Chekhovskaya)
937-4544, 24 hours

5 Bolshoi Tolmachyovsky Per., Building 9 (M. Tretyakovskaya)
937-3750, 1pm-2am, Fri. & Sat. 1pm-3am

A Priori
12 Bolshaya Molchanovka Ul., Building 1 (M. Arbatskaya)
291-7783, Fri. & Sat. midnight-1pm

8 Bolshaya Sadovaya Ul. (M. Mayakovskaya)
209-9909, noon-6am

34 Sofiiskaya Nab. (M. Borovitskaya)
951-3598, restaurant noon-midnight, club Fri. & Sat. noon-6am

Jet Set
37 Ul. Malaya Ordynka (M. Dobryninskaya)
951-6757, Thu.-Sat. 11pm-6am

21 Ul. Novy Arbat (M. Smolenskaya / Arbatskaya)
291-1130, 24 hours

24 Malaya Nikitskaya Ul. (in the left wing of the Communications Ministry) (M. Barrikadnaya)
222-0158, Fri. & Sat. 11pm-6am

Night Flight
17 Tverskaya Ul. (M. Pushkinskaya)
229-4165, 6pm-6am

7 Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Per. (M. Kitai-Gorod)
923-3494, noon-6am, Thu.-Sat. noon-7am

14/1 Presnensky Val (M. Ulitsa 1905 Goda)
234-1818, noon-6am

Shambala DJ Bar
3 Kuznetsky Most, Building 2 (M. Kuznetsky Most)
927-8727, Wed.-Sun. 10pm-6am

58 Shosse Entuziastov (M. Shosse Entuziastov)
176-7172, Tue.-Sun. 6pm-6am

7 Prospekt Mira (M. Sukharevskaya)
Bldg. 3 (entrance from Ul. Gilyarovskogo), 207-4305/ 2392, Sun.-Wed. noon-midnight, Thu. noon-3am, Fri. & Sat. noon-6am

6 Tryokhgorny Val (M. Ulitsa 1905 Goda)
205-6216, 11:30pm-6am

23b Ul. Krasnaya Presnya (M. Ulitsa 1905 Goda)
252-5701/5601, 1pm-5:30am

Krasnaya Shapochka
10 Tverskaya Ul. (M. Pushkinskaya)
Bldg. 1 (entrance from Glinishchevsky Per.), 933-7573, 9pm-7am

25 Zubovsky Bulvar (M. Park Kultury)
246-8592, 24 hours

52/2 corner of 2nd Brestskaya Ul. and Ploshchad Tverskoi Zastavy (M. Belorusskaya)
251-2282, 24 hours

1 Skladochnaya Ul., Building 6 (M. Savyolovskaya)
925-3550, 921-5308

8a Strastnoi Bulvar (left wing of the new business center), (left wing of the new business center) (M. Pushkinskaya)
789-8315, Thu.-Sun. 11pm-last client

13 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa (M. Lubyanka)

13 Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya (M. Yugo-Zapadnaya / Belyaevo)
434-6019, 10am-1am.

Today's Gigs
Komotsky: eclectic
DJ Partyphone
7pm-midnight. DJ Sergio Solo: atmospheric drum 'n' bass

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Finding Neverland
American Cinema:
Turetsky Gambit
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The Incredibles
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National Treasure
Kinoteatr Pod Kupolom:
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