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Restaurant News

Issue 7
June 10 - July 8, 2004

Courtesy of Yard
New at Yar: Galereya Sudakov
At the historic Yar restaurant, consulting services from the company of Alain Ducasse — the celebrated French chef with a record nine Michelin stars to his name — have borne fruit with the opening in May of Galereya Sudakov.

Named after the merchant who owned Yar from 1896 to 1918, Galereya Sudakov was opened after consultants from Ducasse’s company recommended creating a casual dining area. The international menu features Russian, French, Italian and Japanese dishes, and seasonal menus have also been introduced on the recommendation of Ducasse’s consulting staff.

Behind the hotel, the restaurant’s summer terrace has opened for the summer season with a strawberries and champagne festival. A different fruit will be featured every month, management said.

According to the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, Italian restaurants account for 23 percent of the Moscow dining market, while Chinese has a 15 percent market share and Japanese and German account for 9.5 percent each. Also, a public poll last year found Italian is the third most popular cuisine among Russians after Russian and Caucasian. The institute’s report came as Italian wholesalers, producers and traders prepared to exhibit their wares at the first Italian culinary salon, Cibus Russia 2004, in Gostiny Dvor from July 14 to 17. The first three days are for industry specialists, while the general public may visit on the last day. Chefs from the Alma International Culinary School in Italy are to give free daily master classes in Italian cooking. For information, call 788-0487.

After five months of cyber voting on web site, computer-savvy restaurant-goers have awarded the restaurants they consider the best of 2003. The results were unveiled to a crowd of industry players during the Best Restaurant of 2003 awards ceremony at Sfera on May 27. Noa won the best interior prize; Vogue Cafe was judged to be the opening of the year and also the best atmosphere; Nostalgie had the best wine list; and Rybny Bazaar was deemed the top fish restaurant. The prize for best beer restaurant went to Tinkoff, while Aristokrat won in the cafe category. Ukrainian restaurant Shinok won the best ethnic cuisine award, while Cafe Pushkin collected the prizes for the best cuisine, best service and restaurant of the year.


Microbrewery beer restaurant Tinkoff is marking the change of season with a new unfiltered wheat beer called Beliye Nochi or “White Nights.” The beer made its debut last year in honor of St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary and its name is a reference to the company’s St. Petersburg origin. With a fruity flavor and a bitter aftertaste, the top-fermented beer is one of four seasonal and six other regular beers brewed at Tinkoff.

Imbir chef Vladimir Rumyantsev introduced an unusual ingredient when he unveiled his new Thai and Malaysian summer menu on June 1 — the edible orchid. There are just two types of edible orchids in the world, he said in a recent interview, and only a small part of the flower can be used for cooking. Rumyantsev plans to marinate the flower and use it in soups, Thai egg rolls, fish and meat dishes, sauces, garnishes and more. The orchids will remain on the menu until June 21.

Yet another new venture from restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Prichal or “Jetty,” is gearing up for its official opening scheduled for June 18. The location is on the picturesque shores of the Moscow River, not far from the elite Zhukovka village. The food is a combination of Japanese, Italian and Chinese cuisine, and a clean beach, children’s playground and ultra-stylish public should make for an interesting way to spend a lazy summer evening.

On May 27, for just one day, guests at Italian restaurant Villa had the rare opportunity to view menus drawn by some of Russia’s leading 19th-century artists such as Vasily Polenov and Viktor Vasnetsov for the Romanov royal family. The menus, which were confiscated after the revolution, are normally stashed away in the archives of the Russian State Library.

7/9 Kuznetsky Most (M. Kuznetsky Most)
923-1701, 8:30am-1am, Fri. 8:30am-2am, Sat. noon-2am, Sun. noon-1am

12a Chistoprudny Bulvar (M. Chistiye Prudy)
925-7625, noon-midnight

48 Myasnitskaya Ul. (M. Krasniye Vorota)
925-4715/9240, noon-midnight

Cafe Pushkin
26a Tverskoi Bulvar (M. Pushkinskaya)
229-5590/9411, 1st floor, 24 hours, noon-midnight

Rybny Bazar
10/2 Tryokhprudny Per. (M. Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya)
209-5444, noon-midnight

2a Ul. 1905 Goda (M. Ulitsa 1905 Goda)
252-2792, 24 hours

11 Protochny Per. (M. Smolenskaya)
777-3300, noon-2am

2n d kilometer of Ilyinskoye Shosse, 2nd kilometer (M. Kuntsevskaya)
418-4032, noon-midnight

Today's Gigs
19:00 - DJ Dolshik: Indian and African classical music, dub, drum 'n' bass
DJ Kostrow
Flammable Beats: hip hop with DJ Vinilkin and friends


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