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  Today:     |   Berl, Shmerl & Sons (Germany): klezmer project  |   Iva Nova  |   DJ Scientifique: with friends and audiovisual program Play Song  |   The Secret Order of Funkmusic: Earl Gray Smokers (live), KR Low, Epic Soundsystem  |   Garage FM Presents: DJ Krasnov  |   Kubikov, Magic B, Kompass-Vrubel, Ukho  |   Tom Clark (Germany)  |   8pm-midnight. Psychedelic Shanti with DJ Pegas: atmospheric trance; chillout zone in Tibetan gallery; ethnoprogram "Around Asia."  |   Based on the story of children's author J.M. Barrie, Johnny Depp plays a struggling writer who befriends a widowed mother and her four children, a relationship which inspires him to write the play Peter Pan.  |   This film adapts the second novel in Boris Akunin's trilogy, centering on espionage and romantic intrigue during the 1877 Russo-Turkish war.  |   Animated adventure about a superhero family that retires to the suburbs only to be called back into action for a high-profile assignment.  |   An archeologist (Nicholas Cage) embarks on a personal mission to recover a fortune hidden by George Washington.  |   The screen adaptation of Patrick Marber's acclaimed play about two couples whose lives are complicated when the man in one relationship (Jude Law) becomes involved with the woman in the other (Julia Roberts).  |   Horror flick about a young girl (Dakota Fanning) who creates an imaginary friend after the unexpected death of her mother.  |   Comedy about a Mexican housekeeper who moves her daughter to Los Angeles, where they live with a wealthy though dysfunctional couple (Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni).  |  


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Noyev Kovcheg

Armenian ($$$)

Quality Armenian food in an exotic interior. Try the tasty tolma. New dessert menu; discounts on delivery.

Noyev Kovcheg
9 Maly Ivanovsky Per. (M. Kitai-Gorod)
917-0717/3370, takeout 921-5885, noon-midnight

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Valentine’s Day continues to gain prominence, with more and more restaurants planning to mark the day with special offers.
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Yar restaurant is preparing for an over-the-top New Year’s party complete with troika rides, fireworks, shashliks and glintwein in the frosty open air, plus a huge feast inside the restaurant, with more than 60 different dishes of Russian, French and Italian cuisine.
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A new confectionery shop opened in Vertinsky restaurant in June, selling handmade chocolates by Vanil’s head chef Philippe Larman.
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Gordon Ramsey, a popular British chef and culinary TV host who holds three Michelin stars, is to cook dinner for a select Moscow public at Vogue Cafe on July 15, during the gala dinner marking the restaurant’s one year in business.

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