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Mekhana Bansko

Bulgarian ($$$)

Complete Bulgarian experience; folk musicians from Sofia. Bulgarian wines.

Mekhana Bansko
9/1 Smolenskaya Ploshchad (M. Smolenskaya)
244-7387, noon-11pm, Fri. & Sat. noon-2am

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Play Time
So you want to go out but you’re stuck with the kids? A number of local restaurants and bars have the perfect solution: they employ clowns, actors and nannies to entertain the brats — often in a separate children’s room — while you relax over a meal or a drink.
Restaurant News
Yar restaurant is preparing for an over-the-top New Year’s party complete with troika rides, fireworks, shashliks and glintwein in the frosty open air, plus a huge feast inside the restaurant, with more than 60 different dishes of Russian, French and Italian cuisine.

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